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BH Cosmetics Brush Set

Hey guys!
Today I am going to review BH Cosmetics 14 piece signature brush set, I bought this brush set roughly a month ago, and I can honestly say I was super excited to receive it.

I have recently been watching a You tuber called Alex, her channel known as LearningToBeFearless, and she has changed my life, I know that sounds dramatic but honestly she has helped me through a lot of issues.  Also has, through her tutorials helped me with my makeup skills.  I first heard of BH Cosmetics through her channel and went searching from there.  

I quickly found this brush set which had everything I was looking for, the container they came in is super cute and I use both top and bottom to store my brushes.  This set contains:

The quality of these brushes are amazing, obviously they aren’t high end makeup brushes but they are a cheaper alternative.  I bought my set for $20USD which comes to $27AUD not including shipping.  Which for 14 good quality makeup brushes, I thought was awesome, I was also given a blush as a gift when I purchased.  They arrived about two weeks after I bought them in a nicely packed box.  

I have found these brushes to be very gentle and soft on my skin without any of the bristles falling out.  They pick up and distribute a nice amount of product without having to be too extreme.  They are also very easy to clean as I also bought a brush cleaning spray from BH Cosmetics that you just have to spray on the bristles and wipe off.  Works a dream!

I would highly recommend this brush set to any beginner as it is affordable, great quality and has a wide range of brushes!! 
Anyway, until next time guys, have a great week!
Please leave any questions you have in the comments! Let me know if you’ve become a frequent reader, I’d love to know!
BrittanieDe-ann xoxo

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