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Captain America Costume Review

Hey Guys,
Today I will be blogging about my first ever review.  In this blog, I will be reviewing my partners new Captain America Costume.  
(Note: It did not come with the shield)
Firstly, I’d like to say that I can not talk highly enough of this product!  The quality is amazing, this is a five piece outfit; the pants which have actual, useable pockets, the long sleeved top which has two zips to make it easier to put on.  The belt which has multiple little pockets, a piece of material that reaches from over one shoulder to the other and half way down the back for the last item which is the over the shoulder back brace to sit on.  We plan to modify the back brace thing so that the shield can attach to it.

This outfit was custom made buy the company, they were extremely polite when asking for clarifications on measurements and so forth.  I, and my partner were very pleased with the customer service we received.  
It surprisingly took less than two week for this to arrive at our door step, and you could say we were a little excited to see inside the parcel.  Even though the picture does not have a helmet, we didn’t realise that it does not come with one so we will have to buy that separately, along with the gloves and boots, keep that in mind.
Price wise, I thought this was very very well priced, it cost us $310AUD including shipping, at first I was really worried being off ebay, however I way pleasantly surprised because as I have already said, it is AMAZING quality.  I would not hesitate to buy off this company again, and recommend it highly for beginner cosplayers worried to make their first costumes!!
Thankyou for reading, I hope it was helpful! 
Until next time, Have a great week!
Brittanie De-Ann xoxo

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