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Sherlock Review

Oh, Hey There Ladies and Gents!  Do you know how excited I am? I don’t think you do… I am beyond thrilled to be reviewing Sherlock for you today.  I have been absolutely obsessed with this show lately and…

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LustHaveIt/BellaBox Unboxing May

Hello there you wonderful souls!  How are you all today? I have been super lazy lately and have spent the last few days binge watching Pretty Little Liars, who am I kidding? I’ve been binge watching it for a…

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Lost Review

Hello there my lovelies! If you know the meaning of the above photo you have come to the right place. Tonight I will be reviewing seasons one and two of Lost.  Now yes, I know I am really late…

Beauty Personal Blog Reviews

Sadness Wig Review

Hello there my lovely readers!! I hope you all are having a fantastic day!  Today I am going to be reviewing this wonderful wig I bought for cosplaying the beautiful Sadness from Inside Out.  I bought it from wigfashion…