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February Favourites!

Hey guys!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week! Unfortunately I work every weekend so I’m not so excited that it’s Friday. But I hope you guys are looking forward to the weekend!

I’m back again today with a run down of my favourite products through the month of February! I hope you’re intrigued because I’m super excited to share them with you! I once again have a mixture of beauty, body and pleasure items in my favourites and although I haven’t put in everything I have been loving in February I have chosen my most favourite.  I have to leave some products for the coming months right?  So lets jump straight into it!

I’ll start off with my favourite beauty products of February.  All but one of these items I bought when I had my trip to Brisbane.  I did post a haul of the products I bought and you can fine that here.  However I feel like they definitely needed a mention in this post because I haven’t stopped using them since I bought them. Firstly we have the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation in the shade 1:1, this formular is just so light and blendable. I’m pretty sure its medium to full coverage, very buildable and for me definitely covers any spots I might have.  It applies super nicely to the skin and doesn’t separate on my skin even though I work in a hot kitchen (I find most of my foundations do separate after two or three hours).   Next is the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette… Oh My Goodness, I was in heaven as soon as I opened this palette! It is so gorgeous, the shades are so perfect, there are just the right amount of shimmer to matte shades and the pigmentation is to die for.  I really love creating a real natural eye with this palette and this has been the palette I have been reaching for most lately.  The Mac Mineralised Skin Finish in the shade Soft and Gentle was also a top favourite of mine during February, I used it probably nine times out of ten when reaching for a highlighter, it’s such a gorgeous shimmer with such a rich pigment that you can never go wrong with, whether you want a subtle or bold highlight.  Lastly for the makeup products I chose to add in the Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline which has always been a favourite of mine but I thought I would add it in because even after buying the Better than Sex mascara and the They’re Real mascara I still found myself reaching for the Lash Sensational purely because I find it just works so perfectly for my lashes, lengthening them a great deal.

Next are my body/skincare products.  I say skincare because I add the ‘They’re Real’ Remover into my skincare routine as I remove my eye makeup ans I can honestly say I have never had a makeup remover that can remove my waterproof mascara quite like this can! It is absolutely amazing, a definite must buy! And you only have to use the smallest amount so it will last you forever! Next is my Body Butter from The BodyShop, this smells absolutely amazing and when put on body after exfoliating or shaving it makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft! I don’t want to run out of it.  Lastly we have the razor, and I know you might be asking ‘Brittanie, why have you added a razor into your favourites?’ and I know, it’s a bit different but trust me.  I know most girls my age absolutely hate shaving their legs.. I know I do. So when I found this razor I was intrigued, I’d never used a different razor before, always the generic disposable ones and since I first used this one I haven’t wanted to ever go back.  The razor has four blades and actually has a moisturising soap around the outsides which cuts the time of shaving my legs to less than 5mins which I absolutely love!! Definitely recommend this razor for any of you lazy ladies like me! Also I bought it from Woolworths for around $10 and it came with one extra razor head.

Last but not least we have my pleasure/relaxation items and once again we have another of the Fallen book series – Torment. I’ve been loving this book however I haven’t been able to read as much as I would have liked to so I’m only about half way though the book. The story has only gotten better and I can’t wait to get through this book and onto the next.  And as always I have to add in a TV Show that I have been loving through February and that my friends has been Agent Carter.  If you have not seen this TV Show and are into comics or the Marvel Universe or just like a good Crime/Drama/Sci-Fi you have to check this show out.  I absolutely loved the second season and I really hope they renew for a third as its just one of my all time favourite shows and watching this latest season has made me want to cosplay Peggy Carter even more.  I found myself really analysing each outfit she wore trying to figure out which one I liked best!

Anyway guys, I really do hope you enjoyed reading this post! I really enjoy putting together a group of things that I have liked over the last month and sharing them with you! If you have anything that you have really been loving and think I might like it feel free to post it in the comments below! I’d love to hear of any!

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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