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Half Skull Halloween Makeup Look

Hey guys, 
Today’s post is going to be a kind of tutorial/review of a Halloween makeup look I found on YouTube and re-created. I was searching through YouTube looking for a not so hard Halloween makeup tutorial that I thought I might be able to try and found this Half Skull Makeup Tutorial by Giulia S. It looked pretty awesome, creepy and I hoped it wouldn’t be too difficult.  I decided to watch the video a few time to get the rough idea of how to re-create it then started from there.  The video was actually extremely easy to follow and although it didn’t have directions I felt like it was pretty straight forward and basic.

Firstly, I thought it would be a good idea to insert my one green contact from Lensvillage in the eye on the same side as the paint, I did this first as I’ve found that putting contacts in before makeup doesn’t irritate my eyes. You can find my review on these contacts Here. I then decided I would style my hair in the particular style I thought might look creepy but also keep it off my face.  Later on I opted to put on my red wig to see how that looked with it. Priming my face was my next step just to make sure I didn’t dirty my pores too much.

These were the only products I used to create the skull look, on the right side of my face I just used my normal makeup to create my everyday look. I used my favourite Ben Nye Clown White face makeup for the white sections using two different sized brushes, one for the small precise areas and one for overall coverage and for the black I used my trusty black pencil eye liner with some of my black eyeshadow over the top.  I used my Setting Spray from BH Cosmetics to finish off the look. 

Now lets get into the how’s.  Firstly I sectioned my face into two halves using a line of my white straight down the centre of my face and from there I outlined – using my black liner – all of my black sections.  I then went back in with my liner to basically colour in the black areas including a line from the side of the mouth roughly to the dimple of my cheek.  I did at this stage draw in the lines to represent teeth but if I were to do it again I would leave it until after I did the white as it just smudged and I had to go over it again anyway. Moving on, I then went in with my medium sized brush and my white to fill in the remaining spaces (this took a while).  

Once I had finished the white I took my beauty blender and sponged over my white just to take out any harsh brush lines. I then cleaned up any white that may have smudged into the black and set the liner by using a separate small brush and my black eyeshadow. Next came the teeth; boy was this fidgety, it wasn’t difficult as such just time consuming.  I took my small angled brush with black eye shadow and lined where I wanted the teeth to be, how far apart etc. 
Once I was happy with that I went over it a little more with the same brush just bringing each tooth to a kind of point as you assume a skeletal tooth would look.  I finished this look off with some of my new lash sensation mascara and continued on with the other side of my makeup as normal.  You honestly have no idea how hard it is to only put makeup on one side of your face until you actually have to do it yourself. Before setting my whole face I made sure all my lines were blended and as I wanted them and the white was nice and bright and I finished it off with a good spray of my BH Cosmetics setting spray.

I am absolutely inlove with this halloween look and I feel the pictures really don’t do it justice! I honestly wish I could wear this all day everyday but I don’t have a spare hour everyday to make my face like this.  This is definitely going to be one of my go to looks for next Halloween and I hope I can perfect it even further.  The only downfall and yes, there is one, is the fact that when your nose gets itchy you can not scratch it without messing up the makeup and that was not fun at all!

Anyway Guys, I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, if you have any questions or comments please do leave them below! Just a side note, I am going to try and push it back to one post a week as I don’t want to run out of topics to talk about and I don’t want to become a nuisance to anyone reading my blog! Thank you again for all the views, I’m really enjoying blogging and hope to continue it for a while!
Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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