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Hot Glue Gem Tutorial Review

I’m Back! With yet another review, who would have guessed?
A few weeks ago a friend of mine – if you’re into cosplay you probably know her by the nick Tanzoir, if not well she is a very wonderful friend of mine – uploaded a Hot Glue Gem Tutorial to Youtube which can be found at:
Last night I gave this tutorial a go with wonderful results and today I’m going to review it for you!

Firstly, if you’re a cosplayer and are not following miss Tanzoir on all platforms I highly recommend you do, she is an all round amazing person and an incredibly talented cosplayer.  She has recently started up her Youtube channel at: and this is where I found this marvelous tutorial.  I have been waiting for this tutorial for a while and I was super excited when she posted it as I really want to use this technique to make my gems on my Raven cosplay.  Unfortunately I couldn’t try it straight away as I didn’t have all the utensils.  For this technique I found it really easy using the silicone baking tray which I bought at:  it made it super easy to remove the gem once fully cooled.  

Basically all you will need for this tutorial is a heatproof silicone baking tray, Hot glue gun and glue sticks, microwave, eyeshadow of your chosen colour or a powdered colour substance, container to put the powder in, and a stirring stick (chopstick or toothpick will do the trick).

This technique is actually really simple once you understand what you have to do, the hardest and most time consuming part is getting the glue into the tray in the first place.  I got impatient and because it was a trial I didn’t use as much glue as I would if I was making an actual gem.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any red eyeshadow (I wanted to make a red gem) and wasn’t sure if this would work with something that wasn’t a powder so I opted to use my pretty purple/pink eyeshadow.  I was initially concerned when the glue started to stiffen so quickly, I was worried that even putting it in the microwave wouldn’t remelt it.  I was pleasantly surprised when I did take it out of the microwave and it was very easy to stir in the powdered eyeshadow.  I will say a warning here, be extremely careful when attempting this as you are working with hot glue and common sense needs to be used.  Please try not to burn yourself. 

When reheating my glue I wasn’t sure what heat setting my microwave was on but I feel that for me three minutes may have been too long, so I would recommend trialing this method in your own microwave with the three minutes that Tanzoir advises and from that make an informed decision on whether or not this is too long or just right.  Because mine was too hot I found that my gem got little air bubbles in it and when I do it again I plan to do it for thirty second bursts until it is just right.  I also found that even though I thought I had mixed it enough I hadn’t quite got all of the colour through the glue so also when I do it again I will be sure to be thorough and mix it very well.  I find that this tutorial is not overly difficult but it does require a bit of practise.  Obviously practise makes perfect!

So just to recap I feel as though this technique is really something that I could see myself using quite a bit in my future cosplays and is something that even beginners like me can benefit from. So Thank you Tanzoir for the wonderful tutorial, I hope there are many more to come! 

Thankyou guys for once again tuning in and I hope to have another post up for you very soon!

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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