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How To Make A Candle!

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So about a month ago I bought a bunch of supplies from Aussie Candle Supplies so that I could make my own candles and last week I finally got the time to try it out! I did do a haul of everything I bought and how much it cost me, you can find that here, so go check that out if you are curious! I also promised you a tutorial/review on how to make a candle and how my attempt went so that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you today!   

Firstly, we’ll start of with ingredients and utensils that will need to by or sourced from somewhere.  To make a candle you will simply need – most importantly – wax, wicks, a candle jar a saucepan, a glass measuring jug, a vegetable peeler, a spoon/stirring stick (I used a chopstick), oven mits and you can also use dyes and scents if you please.  I chose to use my two scents, Autumn Harvest and Angel wings and my pink and black dye blocks.  

 To be completely honest, while making these I didn’t have any measurements to go by so it was purely trial and error.  I started by filling my saucepan approximately two inches with water and waited for it to boil. Meanwhile I added about one cup of the wax flakes into the glass measuring jug and when the water was hot I placed the jug into the water and waited for the wax to melt.  As the wax was melting I continued to add wax flakes until the melted product was sitting at the one cup mark. Once the wax was completely melted I started to shave off a bit of the colouring block with a vegetable peeler and let the flakes fall into the wax, stirring with the stirring stick until I had the colour I desired.  After I was happy with the colour pigmentation I then moved onto the scent.  I was completely unsure and to be honest, I don’t have an exact measurement for you with the scent.  Basically I added a few drops, then a few more until I could really smell the scent through the smell of the wax. I think for each scent it could be different, depending on the intensity of the smell.  With the Angel wings I added approximately 10-15 drops whereas with the Autumn Harvest I would have added maximum 10 drops.   

Once I had the wax to the desired smell and colour I then moved my attention to the candle jar.  I placed the wick in the bottom and stabilised it with a pen so it wouldn’t fall over.  Next I took the measuring jug and poured the wax into the candle jar, making sure the wick was still upright and then let it sit until the wax was set.  I found that with the black, I didn’t use enough of the colour block to give a real black colour.  Although it looked black when the wax was liquefied, once it had hardened the colour kind of diluted to a light grey as you can see in the picture below.  Therefore when I was making the pink candle, I added half a block instead of a quarter and got a really beautiful rich pink colour as you can see below also.  I do think that it completely depends on the colours themselves, as black is obviously the darkest shade I think it would take a lot more of the block to make it a real black colour whereas the pink only took half a block as its a lighter shade.  The scent, after it had cooled down didn’t really change, however I will say that when they are being burnt they don’t seem to really give a strong smell.  As with candles I have bought, if you leave them in a room they will soon fill that room with the scent however these candles haven’t yet done that.  Although they do have a smell, if you want a very strong smell you would need to use more of the scent. It’s really just preference and I think that’s why I love the fact that I can now make my own candles.  I really want to go to body shop now and invest in some of there little scents in there.

Anyway guys, I really hope you have enjoyed this post! I certainly enjoyed creating the candles and can’t wait to make some more! Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you would like to see any more candles that I make! I am seriously looking forward to my next crafty adventure! If you have ever made any candle, or try out this method make sure to let me know in the comments below.  If you are from Australia and want to try it out, I highly recommend you buy from Aussie Candle Supplies as they have so many products super cheap.  I think I’ll leave this one here and I’ll speak to you all again on Friday!

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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