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Its That Time Of Year Again…. My Tips For A Less Stressful Christmas!

It’s that time of year again and I honestly could not be more excited! 
Christmas is just around the corner and this year I have been so overly excited about it I’m pretty sure Julian is just about to lock me in a closet until Christmas is over. haha 
There is something about Christmas that I find so wonderful and magical.  The atmosphere just gets filled with good vibes and happiness and it’s so hard to feel sad or angry however there is also a lot of stress involved so I thought I might let you in on a few little things that I like to do that can make your days leading up to Christmas a little less stressful..

Number one? Make Lists… Lists are my best friend.  I have a list for absolutely everything, even if I don’t complete everything on my list, writing one out just makes me feel so much more calm and in control of the situation.  Whether it’s a list of gifts you are still yet to buy or maybe even a list of all the food you need to buy for christmas lunch, I always find it helpful to sit down and put my thoughts on paper just in case I forget something.  Which I tend to do if I don’t have a list.  However lists can also be a bit over bearing if you are feeling as though you need to complete everything on said list so make sure you are being practical when writing them otherwise you might just get even more stressed. 

Number two?  More lists… Over the last few years since I have moved out of home I have found it really hard to buy for my parents and sister, purely because I don’t know what they don’t have anymore and I can’t just sneak into my sisters room to see which book she needs to complete her latest series, so I have resorted to asking for a list (again with the lists…). However I ask them to write a list of about ten or more things that they need or want so that I can pick and choose and it will still be a surprise, because there is nothing worse than spoiling a surprise before Christmas.  This has definitely seemed to work although if you use this method make sure to ask for the list well before December just in case you have to buy something online! 

Number three?  You Time… Christmas time might be a time for giving but don’t neglect yourself.  Set aside some time each week or maybe even each day when you can have a little me time.  Whether it’s a super comfy bath or just some time to watch your fave YouTuber’s vlogmas, whatever you want to do make sure to let yourself do it.  Don’t let yourself become too stressed! Your mental health is more important than anything, if you aren’t in the best frame of mind how can you truly enjoy Christmas? Talking about mental health, your physical health is also very important, if you’re known to skip a meal, try your hardest not to, if you’re super busy you are going to need all the energy you can get! Most importantly just remember to take care of yourself! 

Lastly, Number four? Pre-planning… Pre-planning is the most amazing thing ever, having everything organised before December is the best feeling in the world.  I feel like in this day and age a lot of gifts can and most probably are bought online and when you are buying online you have to be organised well in advance.  You don’t want it coming up to the last week before Christmas and you are still waiting on that one gift for someone you care about.  So pre-planning is the way to go, I have even gone as far as to start planning my gifts in October so I have plenty of time to make sure I have the money and can order them with plenty of time to spare!  

However guys, if all else fails, enjoy the holiday, eat too much, have fun with friends and wait for that present to arrive after christmas, try not to stress. xx
I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this post! I actually enjoyed writing it so much! However it has reminded me of a few things I need to do before the end of November! I hope you are all super excited for Christmas and aren’t freaking out too much already! I am super excited and can’t wait for my upcoming blog posts and YouTube Videos! Make sure to keep an eye out xx

Until Next Time

BrittanieDe-Anne xoxo

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