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Makeup Haul!!

Hey guys,
So today’s post, as the title suggests is going to be a Makeup Haul!! Over the last two weeks or so I have purchased a few products and received a few previously purchased products in the mail! So today I thought I would show you what I bought and tell you what I thought about some that I have already tried out!! Needless to say this post will definitely be a bit smaller than the previous few (probably a good thing)!

So lets begin.  Last week whilst at target and Kmart I thought I would have a little look around in the makeup section and I was not disappointed.  I’d heard a lot of good things about NYX and a few good things about ELF so I thought I would check them out myself!! Firstly, from NYX I purchased two roll on shimmers in the shades mauve pink and platinum, a jumbo eye pencil in the shade 608 cottage cheese, a lipstick in the shade summer love and the shine killer primer.  Now I am absolutely in love with the shimmers and the primer, I was told that the primer was a dupe for the Smashbox primer and now I definitely believe that! It leaves my face looking matte and flawless for so long and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  As for the shimmers, I have mostly been using them on my eyes.  In the photo below I have a real nude brown eye with the platinum shimmer on the inner corner and its just a beautiful look (let me know if you want a tutorial for that look)!  The jumbo eye pencil is one of my new favourites for cosplay as it really opens my eyes up and gives a real large eye effect! A winner in my books.  I haven’t yet used the lipstick but I am definitely looking forward to it, it’s such a beautiful colour and looks so smooth!

Now for the ELF products.  I haven’t heard a lot about ELF but have heard that its definitely good for a drug store product so I had to find out and again I wasn’t entirely disappointed with the products I have tried so far.  I purchased the eyebrow kit in the shade ash, a blush in the shade peachy keen, a golden bronzer and an eyeshadow primer.  Now out of these four products I have only tried two; the primer and the bronzer.  I absolutely loved the bronzer as a really soft bronzed look, although if I was going for a strong bronzed look I don’t feel as though it would build up to much so it’s definitely best used on days that I want a real subtle makeup look and as for the eyeshadow primer I can’t really compare it to anything as I haven’t used one before however I would like to compare it to not using a primer one day, so half and half on my face and see if it really makes a difference (I’ll get back to you).  I can’t wait to try out the eyebrow kit and the blush as the blush colour isn’t the usual colour I go for and honestly I haven’t used anything but eyeshadow on my brows before.

Lastly we have my products that I bought from Gerard Cosmetics which I am absolutely loving.  I purchased two star powders in the shades Marilyn (I know I already have one, long story) and Audrey, and a Hydra Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Iced Mocha.  I cannot get enough of the lip colour, it’s my new favourite and even smells like Iced Mocha.  I love the real nude shade and was definitely going for that when I bought it!  I would wear it everyday if I could, although it isn’t a very long wearing lipstick and I would definitely recommend keeping it on you so you could touch up your lip colour.  As for the star powders I cannot talk highly enough about these two! They are beautiful and I’m so glad I have so many. haha 

Anyway guys, I better leave it there or I might not stop. Let me know in the comments if you have any of the above products and what you think about them? If you want to know how I created the look above just let me know in the comments (in all honestly I will probably blog about it anyway).  Thank you again for tuning in and I will see you next time! Have a wonderful week!!

Until Next Time
Brittanie De-Ann xoxo

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