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March Favourites!

Hey there guys! 

I hope you all are having a great week and aren’t working too hard! I have a little confession for you and that is that although I don’t have a following on my blog or any frequent readers I have been feeling very stressed and anxious lately when it comes to my blog and that’s why my posts have been a little sporadic and I hope to combat this and get back into proper routine. 
Today I’m back with another monthly favourites post and I’m super excited to share these with you! I went hunting around the house last week for products and what not that I had been loving through March and I came up with a fair few so I better get straight into it! 

Firstly we have the beauty products. Among these are the Ecotools Makeup Brush Shampoo, the Unani Micellar Water, the Vera Wang Princess Perfume and the Neon & Co Hair oil.  I am going to rave a bit because I have been living on these products lately.  A few weeks ago I rediscovered the Perfume and have been using it ever since, it has the most incredible smell, so fresh and sweet but unfortunately I am very quickly running out so I’ll definitely have to buy another one soon!
 The Ecotools brush shampoo is also a product that I have been constantly reaching for through March.  A few weeks ago I realised I was breaking out due to dirty brushes so I invested in the cleaner and have not been disappointed.  It is so quick and easy to use and cleans my brushes and sponges so well that they could nearly be new! I highly, highly recommend this product, I can’t stop telling people about it! 
Next is the Micellar Water, I wrote about this in my February Lust Have It unboxing and to be honest I have been using it almost every day since, I use it at night after my toner, sometimes in replacement of my moisturiser and I wake up with vibrant, hydrated skin and it feels amazing!  Lastly we have the Neon & Co Hair oil.  I have always been super careful when it comes to hair oils purely because I already have really oily hair and they never seem to work on my curly hair but after receiving this product in last months Bella Box I decided to give it a try and I can honestly say that I am super sad that it’s only a sample size.  It works so well to tame my curls without leaving my hair feeling greasy or gross.  I have been reaching for this product whenever I wear my hair down so that I can achieve those beachy curls that my hair naturally gave me. 

Next we have my makeup products that I have been loving and these consist of my Hoola Bronzer by Benefit, the Real Techniques sponge and a Rimmel nail polish in the shade ‘roll in the grass’ which is a gorgeous mint green colour.  I purchased my Hoola bronzer on one of my Brisbane trips earlier this year and have been using it almost every day since.  I gives me that perfect matte bronzed look that can suit either a natural or dramatic look.  I love that the intensity can be built without trying too hard and the packaging is so cute!  Next is the Real Techniques sponge and to be honest when I first purchased this I didn’t think much of it and didn’t really use it often but lately I have been reaching for it constantly.  I have been using it for a number of different thing from blending my foundation and concealer to powdering the under eye area.  It is such a perfect sponge and super easy to clean!  Lastly is the nail polish, I bought this in the beginning or March and absolutely fell in love with the colour, unfortunately it is really a spring colour and I’m now in Autumn so I’m sure this will be in another favourites post in spring time!

And lastly I’ve chosen two pleasure/workout items and these are the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and PIIT28.
Now some of you may kill me but I literally watched this trilogy for the first time last month and I am so sad that I hadn’t watched it earlier because I loved it so so much!  Everything about the movies made me happy and I reckon I could watch them at least once or twice a year without hesitation! My favourite characters in the movie would have to be Legolas and Aragorn, they are such great characters and lets be honest, Legolas is so attractive.  However my favourite hobbit would have to be Pippin, he’s just so cute haha.  My workout favourite for last month was PIIT28, I am in the process of writing a full experience/review of this program but all I will say is that this program works, it is so damn efficient and fun and if you have the money I would highly recommend it.  Stay tuned though for that blog post soon! 

Thank you guys for tuning in and reading my posts, I can’t thank you enough for reading them! If any of you have any questions or comments leave them below, I would love to here about your favourites for last month! Have a wonderful week and stay happy!

Until Next Time

 BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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