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May Favourites

Hey There guys! 

How are you all on this wonderful day? I hope you are all having a great time where ever you are! I’m back today with another Favourites post and I’m so excited because last month I had so many favourite things that I have been saving up to tell you all about so, sit down, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and lets get straight into it!
I’m starting off a little differently this month with a friend as one of my favourites. I know I’m a little biased but trust me, once you have seen her work you will love her too! The adorable lady I’m talking about is none other than Tanzoir herself.  Tanzoir and I became friends around the end of last year and I’m so glad we have, not only is she a beautiful person she is an amazingly skilled and dedicated Cosplayer and has reignited the want to cosplay within me.  Through the month of May, Tanzoir took a trip to Australia for personal reasons and I was lucky enough to get to spend a few days with her and I’m so glad we did, the chats we had about makeup and cosplay really got me out of the rut I have been in and seeing her progress in all her multiple cosplay adventures makes me want to attempt my own.  I highly, highly recommend you checkout her Facebook and Instagram pages as she is truly a Cosplay Queen! I want to give a side mention to Katrix Media Site who is not only a friend of Tanzoir’s but also the talented lady who photographs and edits Tanzoir’s photos, they are a tremendous team!! 
Next onto makeup and skincare.  I don’t have a wide range of products in this category this month, but what I do have I have absolutely been obsessed with! Firstly I’ll talk about the skin care and the first product I want to mention is the Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion from The Body Shop, which I can’t actually find on their page so they may have discontinued it but I did find the Tea Tree Lotion which looks to do a similar thing.  However, the Night Lotion is said to help improve the appearance of blemish prone skin, which in my opinion it does amazingly. I’ve been using this along with the Tea Tree Blemish Gel, a lot of you might think that’s too much for my skin but I was having a lot of issues with breakouts caused from stress around my jawline and chin and this combination has been incredible.  I barely have any breakouts lately and I couldn’t be more happy! Definitely recommend these if you have oily/blemish prone skin.  
Next is the NSJ Natural SkinCare Pink Clay Mask, I won this from their page on facebook and honestly, I love it! I want to do a separate review of this so I’ll keep this sweet but this mask has been a god send lately, again it really helps with stressed and sensitive skin, thank you lord and it’s local and not far from where I live! Bonus! Lastly in the skin care range is the Olay revitalising eye serum which I have been using lately because, you can never combat aging too early. haha In all seriousness though, I find this cream actually helps add moisture around my eyes and leaves them feeling very supple! 
Now onto Makeup and the first product I have for you is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance which works 100% better than I thought it would.  I’ve never really had high hopes for eye shadow primers but to be honest this primer blew me away! It’s incredible! No creasing, even after a full day at work in a hot kitchen and I had no creasing, it’s amazing!  Could not recommend it highly enough! 
Next we have the MannaKadar Beauty powder in the shade Fantasy, I am obsessed… This triples as an eye shadow, a highlight and a blush.. How insane! Personally I like to use it as an eye shadow, I think it’s super pretty for a lid colour or an inner corner highlight! It’s just beautiful and I can’t stop using it! Last but not least we have the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Immortal, oh my goodness, I need more of the products! I have five already – don’t worry, I have a swatch post coming very soon – but I need more! I am absolutely loving these lipsticks but Immortal is definitely my favourite so far! It’s such a beautiful shade of red and works perfectly with my pale skin haha. I highly recommend trying the Hydra Mattes from Gerard Cosmetics if you like a good Matte lip! You can’t go wrong! 
Lastly, I want to finish this off my favourite way and that is with a favourite YouTuber and a favourite TV show, these were not hard to pick this week as I have been loving them both! I’ll start with the wonderful YouTuber, and that it the beautiful Meg from MegSays, she is absolutely gorgeous, I have spoken to her a few times and she really is as lovely to talk to as she is in her videos.  She has been on the top of my list lately and I have spent hours binge watching some of her old videos they are that good! I highly recommend checking her out if you’re into makeup and beauty as she is just a sweetheart! Totally hooked me on her videos, hope to have videos as wonderful as hers one day. 
Lastly and definitely not least is my favourite TV Show and that has been Sherlock, not just the show but Benedict CumberPatch himself, he is a tremendous actor and after binge watching the three seasons of Sherlock I can’t wait to watch Dr Strange! Sherlock is the most fantastic, well thought out TV Show that I have seen in a while, the concept that Sherlock is capable of the things he does is outlandish but believable because they always keep you in the loop and that’s what I love about it so much! The humor is also amazing and I love the relationship between Sherlock and Watson it’s lovely to watch! I find that each episode – which each go for one and a half hours mind you – always easily keep me intrigued to see what happens next! They better hurry up and make a fourth season soon! 

Anyway guys, I didn’t realise how long this was going to turn out but I hope you enjoyed my favourites from May, let me know in the comments any favourites you had or have, I’d love to hear about new things.  Let me know if you’ve seen Sherlock, I’d love to chat about it! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all in my next post! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo 

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