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My Cosplay Plans for 2016

As I’m writing this its just ticked over into the new year. Yes, again I’m late! Sorry… However, I really hope you all had a fantastic end to 2015 and are as excited as I am for the possibilities 2016 brings!
Anywho, I’m super excited to share my cosplay plans with you for 2016 as I have so many that I want to finish and too many that I want to start I don’t know which one to tell you about first.  

Lets start with the cosplays that I have kind of started, and by kind of, I really mean the few that I have wigs and contacts for.  So my first three that I really want to complete this year are Raven from Teen Titans which I am hopefully going to be paring with Tanzoir’s StarFire in the future sometime, Harley Quinn from the Arkham Knight game and She Hulk from the Marvel Comics Universe.  At the moment I’m in the process of cutting, styling and adding wefts to my she hulk wig! Exciting! I am slightly worried about jumping into sewing lycra for the two bodysuits I have to make for She Hulk and Raven however I am super excited to make Raven’s cape! Harley is a cosplay that I am really going to take my time on and perfect before I actually wear it to a convention so I figure I have all year to work on her which is a nice pace I feel and I’m super excited to have a fairly complicated task at hand. 

Next we have the few that I just really want to just into in 2016 and those are Merida from Brave! I found the most amazing wig on arda and absolutely fell in love with her character while watching the movie so figured I had to cosplay her! I cannot wait to buy the patterns and attempt to make her green ‘hunting’ dress and the bow! Such a challenge!! Secondly I really want to cosplay a genderbend two face! I honestly think that will be the most fun out of the whole lot, I cannot wait to play around with the liquid latex and the different colours to make the burnt skin and burnt suit!  Next on my list if I have the money and time is Snow White! I love the look that snow white has and if I have a chance I also want to cosplay a version of snow white from Once Upon A Time! And last but not least on my list is Peggy Carter from the Agent Carter TV show! I really loved that show and put her on my list as soon as I saw it so hopefully I can complete her by the end of 2016! 

So there you have it my seven cosplays I have planned for 2016, hopefully if I can get them finished early I might even add on a few more throughout the year! But I’m just super excited to have those few to keep me busy! 
Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and are just as excited as I am for 2016 and I will see you again in a few days!! Thankyou all again so much for reading my little blog, I appreciate it so much! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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