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My Top 5 YouTubers!!

Hello there my lovelies. 
So today I am going to let you in on a little secret… I’m a YouTube whore! I love watching YouTube in my spare time, some may think it’s a waste of time but for me its amazing, I have learnt so many new things through YouTube and I have found some pretty amazing people who I love to watch (Sounds creepy, I know).  So today I’m going to tell you about my top 5 YouTubers and I can’t wait!

Firstly in no particular order the five top are, Zoella, Alexandra, RachhLoves, Gabriella and Danielle!

As you can tell most of these lovely ladies have makeup related channels and yes that’s one reason I enjoy watching them but apart from that I also love each of their personalities for different reasons.  Lets start with Zoe. Firstly; she’s english, secondly she has one of the most positive vibes on camera but also can make you realise that not everyday is picture perfect! She is quite beautiful with an equally beautiful personality and her love for candles resembles my own!  I’m not going to lie, December was my favourite month last year purely because of 24 days of Zoella and her vlogmas!  Zoe has been a big inspiration for me while deciding what I wanted to do with my blog and slightly with life in general.  When I think of Zoe, I see a little bit of myself in her and I think that’s what keeps drawing me back!

Along with Zoe’s vlogmas last year I also religiously tuned into Alex’ for the entire 24 days and although some days I was late I managed to fit them all in!  Alex, for me has been a huge inspiration both with my weight and my makeup and anyone looking for someone who exudes body positivity, Alex is your girl!  I have taken a lot of advice from Alex’ videos whether it be how to apply my makeup or how to pick myself up after a hard day, I can always count on Alex to post an uplifting but true video.  She is such a gorgeous soul and a true sweetheart and I hope she knows it too!

Now as for Danielle, I started watching her videos around mid last year and I did so purely because she was an Australian makeup goddess, she is so gorgeous but has had a tough time and that’s something that I really admire in someone, when they can admit when they’ve honestly had it tough! Dani is someone I like to watch when I’m having a lazy day with makeup and I’ll experiment certain looks she may have done a tutorial on but she never fails to have a bright smile while filming but once again she is true to herself and can admit if she’s had a bad day! I also love watching her videos because we are always in the same season so it always helps that she is doing summer looks while I’m in summer and so on.

As for Gabrielle and RachhLoves, I’ve have only recently started watching these two girls and I am very quickly starting to love both of their channels, as you can see I have put them in my top 5 and that’s because they both have such unique personalities, I feel as though Gabby has a very homely feel to her videos, she’s always very what you see is what you get type thing and I absolutely love that!  Whereas RachhLoves has a very upbeat cheery sort of personality, and is forever making me laugh with little things in her videos! She is very quickly becoming one of my favourites and I will definitely be watching her for tonnes of makeup advice! 

I would not hesitate to recommend any of these girls to anyone looking for girly/makeup/upbeat/honest videos! They all make me happy when I watch them and I will continue to watch them hopefully all throughout this year and for some more years to come.  If you have enjoyed this post let me know in the comments, let me know if you like these YouTubers too or who your faves are!! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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