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Peter Alexander/The Body Shop Haul

 Oh, Hello there… Fancy seeing you here! 

How are you today? Are you interested in another Haul of mine? I hope so because I am super in love with the items I bought! A few weeks ago my partner and I made a trip to the nearest big shopping centre to us (which is an hour away) and we may have spent a little bit of money… oops. Hold onto your seats guys because it’s about to get crazy… Okay, not really but get excited!  

My partner and I had made a trip to Brisbane the week prior and walked past Peter Alexander which is a sleepwear shop – it smells damn amazing by the way (the guys didn’t like it though) – and in that shop I saw the cutest, fluffiest dressing gown I had ever seen and I knew I just had to have it, but it cost $98AUD so I didn’t buy it because obviously at the time the price was worrying to me. However, as you can see from the picture above, when I went to the plaza the following week I just bought it, no hesitation at all.  I had spoken to a lot of people about it because I really did want it but at the time I couldn’t justify paying the money, it was actually my boss who talked me into buying it.  It was part of their Easter collection and I am so so glad I bought it. It is such great quality and although at the time it wasn’t quite cold enough to wear it, the nights now are becoming colder and colder and finally I get to snuggle up on the couch and be all cosey! I absolutely love the bear hoodie also, I mean can it get much cuter?

While we were in Peter Alexander I also bought a pair of slippers and a pair of warm cosey socks.  Both of which have fluffy baubles on them. It was so hard to choose what I wanted because there was such a range of winter footwear and picking between them all is super difficult.  Also finding the right size was difficult, I got both the slippers and the socks in a large and I was a bit worried because I have pretty big feet for a girl.  The socks fit perfectly however the slippers are a bit tight but after wearing them for a bit I’m sure they will stretch to fit my feet nicely.  They are in no way painful to wear and are still comfortable, they are just a tad tight which I don’t mind.  As for the cost of these, the slippers cost $49AUD and the socks cost $39AUD which is pretty expensive for winter footwear but when it comes from somewhere like Peter Alexander you know it’s going to be worth it and I had no problem spending the money on something that will last me a long time! The only downfall for the socks is that they have put runner gripping on the base so the sicks don’t slide, now I understand why they did that but how am I suppose to go sliding around on my tile floors when my socks grip??? It’s one of the best things about winter and you’ve taken that away from me.  haha but in all seriousness, they are both so perfect.

The last thing we picked up from Peter Alexander was also part of there Easter range and that was there Bugs Bunny beanie, I love it so much and so did Julian so I figured because he had let me spend so much he obviously deserved something and it suits him so well, don’t you think? Also, I asked him to pose for the picture so he gave me Blue Steel haha.  This beanie cost $39AUD but again, is so worth the money.  If you have money that you like to spend and are looking for some new sleepwear definitely go and check out Peter Alexander, they are absolutely amazing!  

Lastly, I also stopped into The Body Shop, obviously.  I can’t go to the Plaza without going to The Body Shop, I had no intention of buying anything new, however I did want to have a look at the Drops of Youth and Oils of life, but as soon as the lovely lady started telling me about the new Drops Of Light range I knew I had to try some of those but I couldn’t afford all of them, I just spent most of my money at Peter Alexander for goodness sake haha. So I opted for the Foam Wash, the Day Cream and the Brightening Serum and I’m so glad I did.  I also picked up a sample of the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleep Mask which I am now looking to buy the full tub of for myself and for my mother and sister because I love it so much! I also picked up the Warming Mineral Mask which I just thought looked like a good mask to try out because I hadn’t tried many face masks at that time and wanted a bit of a variety.  I think I might end up doing a review on these Body Shop items because I really do like them and I’d like to go into more details but I’m going to leave it there for now but if you have any questions feel free to ask and I shall answer! 

Thanks again for reading guys, it means so much to me and I truly can’t thank you all enough.  If you have bought from Peter Alexander before or have tried any of The Body Shop’s products that I bought let me know in the comments I’d love to know what you guys think!! I hope you are all having a fantastic day and enjoy the rest of your week, I have a couple more blogs planned for this week and hopefully I’ll get them up! I’m also going to Brisbane on Thursday to watch the new X-Men movie so let me know in the comments if you are excited for that cause I sure am! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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