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Pokemon Go vs PIIT28 – Which Is Better For Your Health?

Hey there champs! 

How are you all? You may have noticed that last week I didn’t post a blog and although I am very sorry for that I am so excited to tell you that I am completely set up to film now, I just have to film and edit and I will start rolling out YouTube videos!! So if YouTube is your preferred platform head on over and Subscribe so that you don’t miss any! So as you may have guessed, I have spent the last week roaming around hunting for decor to put in my filming room to make it look pretty and I am so happy with the result.  Not also did I hunt for decor though, I also spent a good chunk of my time hunting for Pokemon.. Yes, you heard me. Pokemon.  If you have been living under a rock for the last week or just aren’t interested in technology at all, you may have been wondering why there have been so many people – young and old – roaming the streets while being fixated on their phones and that my friends is because of the new Pokemon Go game that was released almost two weeks ago now. I am a little late to the bandwagon to be posting about this but I still wanted to chat to you about it because I have been loving it and I want to tell you why! So bare with me, this will be fun I promise! Also, if you haven’t already guessed, the title for this post is a joke, I am not going to try and tell you that a game is better for you than an actual workout plan but this game does have it’s benefits so keep reading and lets chat! 

As a child I never really got into Pokemon, it wasn’t one of the shows I watched growing up, purely because it first came out in the late 90’s and I was still really young but I definitely knew what it was.  So when my partner downloaded this game on the Wednesday after it came out in Australia I thought it would be some silly kids game that he would get bored with in no time flat, but I was so wrong.  We went out for lunch on the Thursday and spent a good hour after eating roaming around the park hunting and I soon got really jealous that I didn’t have it.   So as you could imagine, as soon as we were home and in range of the wifi I downloaded it and I haven’t looked back since. Because we both work, last week we spent 6 nights after work out and about searching for Pokemon for at least an hour. Last Tuesday we were hunting from 9.30pm to after midnight, now you might think that is insane, and I am inclined to agree considering how cold those nights were but when you rock up to a park at 9 O’clock on a Friday night and there is at least 20 other people – kids and parents – there playing the same game as you all watching their phones intently you get a weird happy feeling.  It truly is amazing to see so many people connecting through one game.  

Now also, can we just talk about the health factor though? For the last few weeks my partner and I have been going for weekly 5km walks every Thursday to get out of the house and get some exercise.  My partner doesn’t like exercise very much so when he turned to me on the Friday after the game came out and asked if I wanted to go for a walk you could assume I was a bit shocked but definitely happy.  Since then I don’t think we have spent an entire day inside, we are either out before we work or at night after we finish.  In total the games says I have walked over 40km’s in two weeks, I would say we have walked at least 30km’s in two weeks and that is impressive.  I am not complaining at all, I love night walks and getting out and about and it’s been really good for my stress levels! There are a few glitches with the game that unfortunately we all have to put up with until they fix them (hopefully it won’t take too long).  So if you get annoyed easily just keep in mind that this game is in the first two weeks of being released and has millions of people trying to play it so don’t get too upset when the servers go down or the game freezes halfway through trying to catch a Pokemon you haven’t caught before because I can assure you that it has happened to all of us and it truly is devastating.  

For example the Snorlax you see above was the second one I spotted but the first one I caught. Annoying right? You bet ya! 
That late Tuesday night I was talking about earlier, just as we were heading home the Snorlax showed up on our nearby section and you bet we had to hunt him, When we found him I decided it would be a good idea to notify the group I was in on facebook so they could potentially get him too.  Half way through my screenshot my game froze and I had to restart it.. Guess what happened when I logged back in? Yep, he was gone.. I was so angry, I drove home in a huff and declared I wouldn’t be playing again but here I sit telling you now just how fun it is.  I guess that could be because a few days after that incident I woke up, checked my game and this handsome Snorlax was at the foot of my bed so I was can’t complain.  Truly this little game has actually been a benefit in my life, although my work motivation has decreased my health and fitness is getting better without me really having to try, I am less stressed and am having so much fun going on late night adventures with my partner.  I couldn’t be happier (except for when the game glitches). I really do recommend it to everyone, young or old.  I’ve seen so many parents reconnect with their teenage children because they are driving them around to hit Pokestops and Gyms, I can’t praise it enough. 

Anyway, now that I have talked your ear off I think I might leave it there! Let me know in the comments if you have been playing and if you have what is your favourite Pokemon? Also what team are you on? I hope you are all having a wonderful week and stay tuned for my upcoming videos!! If you have any preferred videos let me know so I can add them to my list! Thank you guys so much for being the perfect bunch of people  that you are! Your support means the world to me! 

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Anne xoxo

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