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Hello Everybody, 

How are you all? It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and spent time writing and I have honestly missed it.  I have been spending so much time lately working on my new YouTube Channel and the content that I put up that I have completely neglected writing and I’m sorry for that.  On the topic of YouTube I wanted to write a post today about my experience and and why I started YouTube because really I just have some things to say. Also if you haven’t seen my channel yet and wanted to check it out, feel free to check it out here!!

So let’s start off with why I started shall we? Basically I started this blog about a year ago now and have been loving it, I love being able to share with you guys, let you know my opinions, my experiences and such but I felt like I really couldn’t convey my personality across very well.  I really wanted this blog to pick up and I wanted to start a little community of people that I could chat to and have as a sort of friend group.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen for me, I thought it was because not many people read blogs, or maybe people just weren’t interested in what I had to say but whatever the reason I felt like YouTube would be an easier platform to use as it would be easier for me to show who I really am and chat with you guys and really get to form a community. So I turned to YouTube, I spent some time setting up my room, buying the necessary equipment and started from there.  I had so many videos planned to start with but truly the hardest part was sitting in front of a camera and feeling comfortable.  I honestly talk to myself all the time but I still feel like I’m not really myself on camera which I’m trying to change.  I really want to be me and show you who I really am. 

I’ve made fourteen videos now and I definitely have found some aspects of it to be hard.  As I said, being myself in front of the camera is difficult for me because I really do want to show you something that i ‘think’ you will like not necessarily something that is true but I am trying really hard to be honest and open so that is challenging.  I have also had a few ‘breakdowns’ I guess you could call it? When I posted my first video I had such a good response from friends and family, I had so many nice comments and in a week I had doubled my subscriber count (Not that that is all I care about) but after that it kind of froze, and that was really hard for me.  I went into this thinking it would be easier than blogging to grow a community of people and when I say that I don’t mean a mass following, I have no intention of wanting to be famous I just wanted this to be like a little family to me but unfortunately my channel stopped growing, I don’t get many comments and sometimes that can be very disappointing because I put so much effort into filming and editing my videos. It kind of feels like if you put lots of effort into a school assignment and you are super proud of it but you only get a C.. It can be very disheartening.  I am just trying to stay positive and I really am realistically doing this for me, I want to become more confident in myself, I really want to further my skills at editing and I do want to create a friendship base with a lot of you guys! I just have to keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day… 

I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you are reading this now or watch my videos or even if you just silently cheer me on, each of you are so incredible and I love every one of you! I don’t want this to come off as complaining as all because don’t get me wrong, I love making videos I just wish I could make more friends!

I Love You Guys! 
Until Next Time!
BrittanieDe-Anne xoxo

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