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Evening my beautiful little reader,
Firstly I am so incredibly sorry I didn’t post on Monday, I was so overly exhausted from cleaning my house for an inspection and figured one Monday wouldn’t make a difference (please forgive me). Secondly, I am actually one reader off 500 views on this wonderful blog of mine and I couldn’t be more thankful! I honestly really enjoy writing this blog and every view makes me incredibly happy! Thirdly, did anyone see Gotham this week?? Oh My Goodness, Bruce and Selina are finally working together again! Lastly, Supanova is upon us! I am so incredibly excited for this weekend! Also, next Thursdays blog will be the Pt.2 of my Supanova experience! 

To say I am excited for supanova this weekend is definitely an understatement! I cannot wait to cosplay with my partner as Black Widow and Captain America especially considering the trailer for civil war has just been released! I did however spend the last week debating whether or not I wanted to melt in my Black Widow bodysuit or just regular clothes and I figured why not go for one day in my bodysuit considering it is my first and only chance this year to actually cosplay and I have been so pumped for so long!

I have also decided that Saturday I will be cosplaying as a very very casual Harley Quinn, nothing too fancy but I will be wearing my Harley tights and my Chibi wig from Arda wigs with a real dark smokey eye and red lips! I chose this purely because I have organised a few mini photo shoots and I’m super excited for them and wanted something quite simple and comfortable to wear and on Sunday I will just be wearing nice comfy clothes cause I have to drive back home and didn’t want to have to change! 

If I had to choose what my I’m most looking forward to this weekend, I would have to say both meeting Matt Nable and Michael Rosenbaum and also I’m super excited to meet all the incredible cosplayers and get the chance to photograph them and learn from this great experience! Hopefully I’ll get a few good shots and maybe get my name out there as a photographer! I’m also super excited to catch up with some good frends of mine and go see the last hunger games movie! Yay for an awesome weekend! 

Anyway guys, 
I’ll talk to you again on Monday, expect a Christmas related post and for Thursday expect more Brisnova stories!

Until Next Time
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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