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Sydney Eats: Places we ate in Sydney

Cafe in Sydney
Hello, my loves!
Long time no see, or should I say talk?  I apologise for my long absence. I have neglected my little blog and have been finding it hard to get back into the rhythm of posting again, however after going to Sydney a few weeks back I have at least two blog posts that I have been wanting to share with you.  So as you may have guessed by the title I want to chat to you about the places we ate at while in Sydney. As you can imagine we ate out a fair bit while on holiday and I wanted to tell you about a couple of them.  Also, if you would like to see a peak into our Sydney trip, I vlogged a bit of it so you can check it out on my Youtube Channel.

Okay, so lets this Sydney Eats tour at Monday lunch.

We flew into Sydney around 10am Monday morning and by the time we got away from the airport and Sage, (Julian’s wonderful Aunt) had showed us the most beautiful parts of Sydney it was definitely time to get some lunch.  We had been up since 4am after all.  She took us to this gorgeous little cafe in Double Bay called About Life and it’s nothing like I had ever seen before.  Keep in mind I come from a tiny little town compared to Sydney so I haven’t experienced much.  This cafe actually doubled as a superfoods supermarket and was filled with healthy food and gorgeous architecture.

The food was delicious and they had so many vegetarian, gluten free and vegan options.  However a little pricey as you could assume. Also, they had drinks that I didn’t even think could be a thing like the Choc Beet Latte which is a blend of cacao, chai, spices and beetroot steamed with coconut milk.  Weird right?  This cafe had a lovely atmosphere to it, super chill vibes.  The only downfall was the attitude of the lady that served us and the fact that they had no avocado even though there were in a store with plenty to spare.  Unfortunately the smashed avocado was the dish Julian wanted so he was quite upset when he found out they weren’t willing to use one from the store. Aside from that devastating fact the lunch was rather delicious!

Fast forward a few hours and a good hour nap later and it was finally time for dinner!

We decided to shout dinner for Sage as she was being so kind as to let us stay at her house.  She took us to this beautiful little vegetarian place in Glebe called Badde Manors and I was honestly surprised at how cute and quaint it was.  It had so many vegetarian options, Julian didn’t know which one to pick but to be honest it was one of the best meals I had on the trip. I do love me some vegetarian food!  My meal was delicious, I ordered the Eggplant and Ricotta Layered Schnitzel with mash and I can honestly tell you, I didn’t miss the meat portion at all.  Also, it was super cheap sitting at only $18, I mean what?
The only problem I had with this gorgeous place was that the chairs were so uncomfortable for me and the table was tiny but that seemed to be a recurring problem with anywhere that we went in Sydney. The ambiance of Badde Manors was so loud and crowded but it really added to the vibe, unfortunately we did go out for dinner the night before a public holiday so everyone was out, probably adding to the cramped feeling. Although it felt fun, if that makes sense?  Also, can I just say that the lady who served us was super lovely and was super quick to clear our plates and make sure we were having a good time, so thank you to that wonderful lady!


I am so excited to tell you about this next gorgeous cafe.  It was my favourite cafe from the trip and if I lived in Sydney near Glebe I think I would be a regular customer.  Well Co. is the name of this next cafe, as you may have seen from the picture.  The overall feel of this cafe was just lovely, it had beautiful artwork all over the walls, the view from the balcony upstairs is just so gorgeous and the decor was to die for.


The food was also beyond delicious, I ordered the Eggs Benny and it was cooked to perfection.  They also had avocado which made Julian very happy. Hot chocolates are always my go to drink I get and no joke, these hot chocolates were the best I have ever had, and I have also been told that the coffee is so good too, so if you are a coffee drinker on the daily, I highly recommend Well Co.  Unfortunately we did go on a public holiday so it was 10% extra on the bill, but generally on a day to day basis the meals sit at a normal price, the Egg Benny was $16 which isn’t too bad for Sydney, however I wouldn’t get it every day.


Again, the only thing I can actually complain about was the size of the table and the uncomfortable chairs, however they did have more comfortable options in different areas that I probably would have gravitated towards if I was a regular.  The service was so lovely and quick, we had our drinks in less than 10mins and our food was out not long after, which was so surprising but wonderful.  I highly recommend Well Co. if you want a cute cafe to frequent weekly, it seems like the perfect place to just go relax and zone out or maybe catch up on some reading out on the balcony.

Tuesday night we went out for dinner on the harbour of Circular Quay.

We went to a little restaurant called East Bank Cafe, Bar & Pizzeria. It was so beautiful and felt so romantic.  This was the only ‘restaurant’ we went to on our trip and I wasn’t disappointed.  Unfortunately again we went on the public holiday so it was fairly expensive but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.  It was fairly cold being just on the water however they had heaters going which made it super cosy and warm, perfect atmosphere.  The food here was again, so damn delicious.  Julian had the Gnocchi and said that it was cooked to absolute perfection which was lovely, one of my favourite things was the simply fact that they gave the cheese topping in a separate dish so we could add it ourselves and I thought that was just so great.
I will say this was the one place which had super comfy chairs and I really found myself appreciating them.  Also the lady that served us was the nicest person and I really think that makes or breaks a restaurant or cafe, I really enjoyed our dinner here and would definitely go back on any future Sydney trips.
Last but not least on the Thursday night we went out to dinner with Julian’s cousins and I can honestly say it was one of the best times I had on the trip.  Although I felt very anxious being around his cousins for the first time I felt very comfortable and accepted.  We went to this cute little Chinese place in Five Dock called Simply the Best and it was simply the best.  The owner was a lovely yet hilarious little Chinese man who was super helpful and made it feel so fun. I tried a selection of new dishes that I hadn’t tried before and each one was better than the last.  I would have to say the duck and the lemon chicken were my favourite. It was just the nicest night I’ve had in a longtime.
Anyway guys, I didn’t realise this was going to end up so long.  I even took out a couple of places to try and make it a bit smaller. However, I hope you enjoyed it.  I really enjoyed going to each of these places.  Let me know if you have been to any of the above places and what you thought or if you have any recommendations for when we go to Sydney next time.  I hope you are all having a lovely week!

Until Next Time

BrittanieDe-Anne xoxo 



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    How lovely! I always love reading about new places to eat.

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