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Two eBay Purchased Wig Reviews!

Hello Everybody! 
Today I have a wonderful review for you that I’m so excited to be posting.  Hopefully it won’t be as long as my last few posts.  I’ll try and keep it small haha.  Anyway, I bought these two wigs about three or four months ago from an online eBay store that a friend had recommended to me for the sole purpose of learning how to cut and style wigs.  When I first received them I wasn’t very happy with them, not because they weren’t good quality but because they didn’t look nice on me (which was kind of what I wanted so I would have to change them).  Now because I am a beginner it took me a long time to muster up the courage to do anything with these wigs and so they sat in my room looking ugly for a few months until after christmas I decided it had been too long since I had worn a wig and thought I would try on my purple wig again.

I’m so glad I didn’t leave these two just sitting in the room and finally decided to do something with them.  The purple wig, although you can’t see in the picture is not fully purple, it has a mix of a lilac colour and a light grey colour mixed together and I think that’s why I love it so much.  I didn’t have to do much with this wig to make it look the way it does above.  Literally all I have done is straighten the wig, part it where I like to part my hair and viola. However I would like to cut the fringe a little bit just to lift it up my face a little more so it doesn’t continue to fall in my eyes.  As for price, this wig was on sale for $27.48AUD which too be honest I wasn’t happy with initially however now that I love the wig I really don’t mind at all! As for shipping, I believe it arrived maybe two to three weeks after purchase which I was stoked about.  The wig itself was really easy to straighten and style although the styling wasn’t too extreme!  I would highly recommend this wig to anyone looking to further their skills with styling or cutting and if you can think of any cosplay I could use this wig for I’d love to hear suggestions!!

Now lets chat about this gorgeous brown wig! I bought this at the same time as the purple wig I just spoke about so the shipping time was obviously the same, however I put a little more effort into this wig when I was styling it.  when I purchased this wig it was initially a Hiyori cosplay wig so essentially it had a front fringe with very prominent bangs.  This did not suit me at all so with some cutting and styling I slowly evened the bangs out and framed them around my face whilst also cutting the front fringe into a side fringe.  I changed it into a side fringe purely because it was too long for me to wear it as a front fringe and I’m not confident enough yet to cut a front fringe, especially on a wig that I love! I also fully straightened this wig as it had really curled in ends that did nothing for my face shape so I thought it be best to see how straightening looked and I think it’s safe to say it’s going to stay that way. Now as for price, this wig was for sale for $34.35AUD which although is a bit more expensive than the purple, really isn’t that much to pay for a good quality wig that I can play around with.  I would also highly recommend this wig to anyone looking to further their experience although this one took a little more time and effort.  I would also love to hear of any cosplay ideas you might have that I could use for for this wig??

Anyway guys, I think I might leave it there! I hope you are all having a great day and are still enjoying my blogs as much as I love writing them! I’m sorry again for being late but I wasn’t feeling well last night so I thought I would go to bed early and see how I felt this morning! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you swing by, I would love to say Hi!

Until Next Time 
BrittanieDe-Ann xoxo

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